The Connaught Club

Bowls Section Rules

BOWLS SECTION RULES (Amended at the Bowls AGM 2010)



1.      Play shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of Bowls England.


2.      The Bowls Committee shall consist of:


         (a)  The Men’s Bowls Captain

         (b)  The Ladies’ Bowls Captain

         (c)  The Men’s Vice-Captain

         (d)  The Ladies’ Vice-Captain

         (e)  The Men’s Secretary

         (f)   The Ladies Secretary

         (g)  The Men’s Match Secretary

         (h)  The Ladies Match Secretary

         (i)   The Men’s Competitions Secretary

         (j)   The Ladies Competitions Secretary

         (k)  The Men’s Group 8 County Delegate

         (l)   The Ladies County Delegate

         (m)  The Main Club Delegate

         (n)  The Green Ranger

         (o)  Two Committee Members


         The elected members at the first committee meeting following the AGM will choose the Chairman of this Committee.


         The Committee shall have the power to co-opt such additional members as it deems necessary.


         A Quorum for the Committee shall be 5 persons providing 7 days Notice of meeting is given.


3.      The Bowls Committee shall be responsible to the Management Committee for the management of the affairs of the Bowls Section and for the day-to-day running of men’s and ladies’ bowling activities and this committee is empowered to form other sub-committees as required. The 3 representatives of the Bowls Section to serve on the Management Committee shall be the Main Club Delegate and 2 other delegates as decided by the Bowls Committee.


         In the event that a Bowls Section Representative is elected Chairman of the Management Committee, the Bowls Committee shall appoint a replacement from its elected members.


4.      A Bowls Section Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than end of October at which the Officers and Committee of the Bowls Section for the ensuing year, shall be elected.  Fourteen days notice of such Meeting shall be given to all Members of the Section and such notice shall request Members within seven days thereof to submit, in writing, to the Honorary Secretary of the Bowls Committee nominations which must be accompanied by the written consent of the nominees.  Resolutions, duly proposed and seconded, must be submitted, in writing, to one of the two Honorary Secretaries of the Bowls Committee 30 days before the AGM in each year.


The election of the  Main Club Delegate and The Green Ranger to The Bowls Committee shall be voted on by all the members present whereas the election of the other posts be voted on by those members present of the same gender as the post.


5.      The Bowls Committee may, at any time, call a General Meeting of the Members of the Section.  Fourteen days notice of such a meeting must be given to all Members of the Section and such notice shall specify the object of such Meeting and any resolution to be submitted thereto, together with the names of the proposer and seconder of such resolution.


         A meeting of the Bowls Section must be called within one calendar month of the receipt of a requisition, in writing, signed by over 25% of the Ordinary or Life members of the Bowls Section.  Such a requisition must specify the object of such a Meeting and any resolution to be submitted thereto, together with the names of the proposer and seconder of such resolution.


6.      The conditions of the Annual Club Competitions shall be determined by the Bowls Committee.


7.      The Bowls Committee may, when considered expedient, reserve any or all the Rinks for the purpose of Tournaments, Club or County Matches or other fixtures.


8.      Any member who does not make themselves available for selection for at least six friendly or representative games other than County during the outdoor season may not be considered for representative sides in County and/or National Competitions the following season.  


9.      In any matter not expressly provided for in these rules the Bowls Committee, or if the question be urgent either the Men’s/Ladies’ Captain, Vice-Captain or any Officer or Member of the Bowls Committee, shall decide what action shall be taken.


10.     Any alteration, or addition, to these rules may be made by a two‑thirds majority of Members of the Bowls Section present and voting in the Section’s Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.  Such alteration or addition would be subject to the approval of the Management Committee of the Club.