The Connaught Club


The comprehensive tennis programme at Connaught provides a range of competitive and coaching opportunities for adults and juniors of all levels. The programme has created a thriving community of players eager to learn, watch, support and play more.

  • Club Coaching Programme

    The Club coaching programme is run by Andrew Foster and Dan Osben, who work closely with the Club to deliver a top class programme suitable for both juniors and adults, from beginners to full time players.


    • Matchplay Groups
    • Drill & Doubles
    • Mixed Groups
    • Start Up Tennis
    • Individual Lessons


    • Full Time schedule management - Foster Pro Tour
    • Day time Squads 
    • Performance Squads
    • Club squads
    • Individual lessons
    • Mini tennis programme
    • Fitness
    • Psychology
    • Nutrition

    For more information on the coaching programme please email:

  • Club Competition Programme

    The Connaught has a large number of adult and junior teams that compete in most of the available competitions such as, Team Tennis, Essex Cup and league matches. The club has also devised a number of internal competitions such as The Ziles and Zilettes adult doubles league.

    The club hosts a number of tournaments throughout the year including Mini Tennis Competitions, a grade 4 junior event, County cup events and a number of matchplays. Additionally the club has its own adult and junior Club Championships.

  • Mini Tennis

    The Club also runs LTA Mini Tennis for children aged 3-10 years of age. They use smaller rackets, nets, court sizes and slower balls suitable for the child’s age. The club run sessions at Red, Orange and Green stages.

    The Red stage is ideal for children aged 5-8 years old on a court sized 11m x 5.5m or 12m x 6m, with a net height of 80cm with smaller rackets and foam or felt balls that are 75% slower than full court balls.

    The Orange stage is for those between 8 and 9 or a 18m by 6.5m court, with a net height of 80cm, 23″-25″ rackets depending on the size and strength of the player and orange balls that are 50% slower than full court balls.
    Lastly the Green stage, this is ideal for 9-10 year olds, where they play on a full court, with the net at full height, with 25″-26″ rackets, and balls that are 25% slower than a full court yellow ball.

  • Tennis Social Programme

    The tennis section of the Club has a full social calendar allowing new and old members to mix and mingle regularly both on and off court.

    Throughout the year there are a number of social tournaments which members are encouraged to sign up to.  These vary from year to year but include a wooden rackets competition, Pro-Am and family tennis events.  Club Afternoon runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 12.30-2.30 p.m. which are supervised sessions that all members are welcome to attend.  These take place whatever the weather as indoor courts are always guaranteed.

    In addition the tennis section has the following social activities for off the court:

    • Annual Dinner dance
    • Christmas Party
    • Quiz Nights