The Connaught Club

Tennis Section Rules



1     Play

       Play shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulation of the Lawn Tennis   Association.

2     Tennis Committee


2.1  The Committee shall consist of: -


       (a)  Tennis Captain

       (b)  Tennis Vice- Captain

       (c)  Tennis Secretary

       (d)  Tennis Match Secretary

       (e)  Social Representative

       (f)  Grounds and Premises Representative

       (g)  Up to three additional Members of the Tennis Section


2.1  Three members of the Tennis Committee shall be elected to represent the Tennis section at the Management Committee meetings. The Committee shall be responsible to the Management Committee for the management of the affairs of the Tennis Section.


3     Dress Code

The dress code for the Tennis Section will be recognised tennis attire ONLY with non-marking tennis shoes. 


4     Tennis Season

The Tennis Season shall commence on 1 April when subscriptions are due.


5     General Meetings


5.1  A Tennis Section Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than 31 October at which the Officers and Committee of the Section for the coming year shall be elected. Fourteen days notice of such a meeting shall be given to all Members of the Section, and such Notice shall request Members within seven days thereof to submit, in writing, to the Honorary Tennis Secretary resolutions and nominations, which must be duly proposed and seconded. All nominations must be accompanied by the written consent of the nominees.

5.2  The Tennis Committee may, at any time, call a General meeting of the Members of the Section. Fourteen days notice of such a Meeting shall be given to all Members of the Section, and such notice shall specify the objects of such meeting and any resolutions to be submitted thereto, together with the names of the proposer and seconder of any resolutions. A meeting of the Tennis Section must be called within one calendar month of the receipt of a requisition, in writing, signed by 25 Ordinary or Life members of the Tennis Section. Such a requisition must specify the object of such a Meeting and any resolution to be submitted thereto together with the names of the proposer and seconder of such resolution.




6     Conditions of Play and Competitions


  When members have finished playing on the shale courts, they are required to drag the courts and brush the lines. Courts used for coaching are required to be dragged after each coaching session. In dry conditions members should water the court before play commences.
are asked to observe the following Rules of Court etiquette.
Noise should be kept to a minimum during play to avoid distracting players on other courts.
Do not pass or cross-courts whilst a point is in action. Please wait until invited by those players on court.

6.6  Midweek membership runs from 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday ONLY. All midweek members must vacate the courts by 4.00pm

6.7  A Tennis member may bring along a visitor to play no more than 4 times in the Tennis calendar year. A visitor’s fee will be paid into the office of £10 when playing on the outdoor courts and £5 when playing on the indoor courts.

6.8  The Tennis Committee shall determine the conditions for the Annual Club competitions. Competitors in Club Competitions shall be priority users of the courts and Members not playing in such Competitions shall, on request, vacate their court.

6.9  The Tennis Committee may, at any time, reserve any or all of the courts for the purposes of Tournaments, Club or County Matches. When all courts are fit for play the Captain of the team shall have choice of surface.

6.10Rules covering the Junior Section and the allocation of Courts for outside tournaments will be determined by the Tennis Committee and displayed in the Club Pavilion.


7     In any matter expressly provided for in these rules, the Tennis Committee, or if the question be urgent, the Captain or Vice-Captain, shall decide what action shall be taken.


8     Any alteration of, or addition to these rules may be made by a majority of Members present and voting in a General Meeting of the Tennis Section. Such alteration or addition would be subject to the approval of the Management Committee.